Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Advertising Puzzle # 4

CLUE-1: Delhi Belly.
CLUE-2: Che, Chaplin & Hitler.
CLUE-3: Greek Mill
CLUE-4: JP Dutta’s movie was their first product.
CLUE-5: Balbir Pasha’s Tamil Clone.
CLUE-6: Marcel’s famous surname immortalized in ink.
CLUE-7: Onida’s darkest TV till date.
CLUE-8: Jamnagar is embedded in this brand name.
CLUE-9: Initially they wanted to call it Sravan.

What's the acrostic?

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Advertising Puzzle # 3

CLUE-1: What the short True spawned.
CLUE-2: He founded the patron saint of artists.
CLUE-3: Because I’m worth it.
CLUE-4: He made the fizzy Gladiators.
CLUE-5: Duarte’s first name is a soap.
CLUE-6: This IIM-A grad has started cart wheeling off late.
CLUE-7: Puppeteer Ramdhas Padhye helped this brand with his bunnies.
CLUE-8: What Rosser Reeves is remembered for.
CLUE-9: Was sold in South Korea as Avante.
CLUE-10: This CD has written Paanch Kaurav.
CLUE-11: Ad jargon for online mags.
CLUE-12: This brand is all Sodium Carbonate, Sodium Bicarbonate & Citric Acid.
CLUE-13: The agency that connects Julius Caesar & Ambattur Clothing Company.

What's the acrostic?

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Advertising Puzzle # 2

CLUE-1: The brand that did that Android commercial.
CLUE-8: Black Pencil winner 2008.
CLUE-3: Ingle Ells.
CLUE-4: What Bhupal Ramnathkar designed on a rainy day.
CLUE-5: The agency Mad Men is based on.
CLUE-6: Unbranded ads for this brand won a silver lion and then they were withdrawn.
CLUE-7: Simon Veksner’s blog.
CLUE-8: 25 icons make up their logo.

What's the acrostic?

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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Advertising Puzzle # 1

Clue-1: Rose first drew him on a napkin in 1985.
Clue-2: Literally it means ‘Pertaining to Alps Love’.
Clue-3: A Palindromic soap.
Clue-4: Red Brick Road’s best known name.
Clue-5: What Tarun Das started with three others.
Clue-6: The inventor of XO Beer.

What’s the Acrostic?

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Sample Torchard Puzzle

Clue-1: The headline of a Volkswagen ad about one Inspector Kroner.
Clue-2: Cannes Lions 2007 Film Grand Prix Winner
Clue-3: What the outdoor advertising Oscar is called in America.
Clue-4: Foote and Cone precede him.
Clue-5: The Thai caterpillar commercial was for created for this tea brand.
Clue-6: The Director of the '1984' Apple ad.
Clue-7: The Great Freddy Birdie's art partner.
Clue-8: 'Put a tiger in your tank' was this brand's slogan.
Clue-9: The man who gave FCUK its name.
Clue-10: Famous font designed by Carol Twombly.

What's the acrostic?

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